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Mindfull Network Resources


Mindfull Learning provides bespoke e-resources that are easily accessible to all of our
students. Our aim is to provide the best resources that students can use to better their
understanding of their course content and ultimately perform better in exams. These
resources have been produced by some of best students in the country and provides
students with detailed notes in an easily comprehendible manner.

In addition, the Mindfull Network also provides comprehensive e-guides on writing the
perfect personal statement ranging from Law personal statements to Economics personal
statements. For those looking to get into corporate industries like
Law, Investment Banking
and Consulting, the Mindfull Network provides resources on writing the perfect cover letter
and application responses.

Applications Guide cover 2022-2.png

Commercial Law Applications Study Guide 2021 - 2022 
(37x successful examples) 


Commercial Law Applications Guide (UK Law firm edition with 13x examples)

Assessment centre cover 2022.png

Brand New Edition
Commercial Law Assessment Centre Study Guide


Commercial Law Applications Guide (US Law firm edition with 12x examples)

Package deal cover 2022.png

Package Deal
Brand New Edition
(Commercial Law Applications & Assessment Centre Guide)

Hnadbook cover 2022.png

New Release
Commercial Law Firm Profiles Handbook  (25+ examples)

Success Stories

Applicants who have used our Commercial Law Study Guides have gone onto receive vacation scheme and training contract offers from elite magic circle, silver circle and US law firms. In this academic year alone, we have already helped over 100 students receive training contract and vacation scheme offers. Take a look at just a select few of our success stories and how they were able to effectively use our Commercial Law Study Guides:

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